For the longest time, I was happy doing what I was doing. You know, the normal stuff - manage to graduate college, immigrate to the US, get married, get promoted, buy a home, stop buying IKEA furniture, travel to some new country every year with my beautiful wife, while living in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I was seemingly on a safe trajectory and I couldn't complain. But then, suddenly something changed. This evolution of me may have been good till now, but was not good enough anymore. 
Something had to change.
I took a plunge, one into the deep end. I quit an executive career, and relocated to India, a country where I may have been born, but one that is no less foreign than Vietnam. I neither had a plan nor my own place to stay. I was foolish. I continued making more painful mistakes, but learned from them, many never to be repeated. I sought direction in my photographic journey but the answer wouldn't come easily. Luckily for me, I had the luxury of time for reflection and exploration.
I have traveled to almost fifty countries. Everywhere I went, I was drawn to simple human moments that were different in some ways, yet so familiar. It was in these ordinary moments, that I found inspiration to do what I do today - capture everyday moments of human life. Photography has taught me to ‘see’ life and appreciate all the little things it has to offer. It has taught me to enjoy our brief journey on planet earth.
I am not doing any of this for just money, or for fame, but for the sake of art and for the sake of capturing the souls of our lives. The photographs I take may be mine, but the moments are yours. Through my photographs, I hope to give you a chance to relive your own precious moments that you may have missed. When you see my photographs, you will either see emotions or connections, at the very depth of your soul. My hope is to leave you with reminders of precious moments, which we often call memories.